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Inspiring Canadians to write their stories, right here at home.

Parks Canada is responsible for the promotion and conservation of over 450,000 km2 of natural parks, urban parks, and historical sites.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Parks Canada sites saw a surge in patronage. However by 2022, many were desperate to travel abroad again, moving away from the domestic outdoor adventures they chose when restricted. The fear was a significant YOY decline. This was an important moment to remind Canadians that Parks Canada still has so much to offer, right in our own backyard.

Parks Canada logo

While many were ready to leave Canada, how could we intercept and give other-worldly experiences right here?

With this mandate in mind, Rain delivered a compelling visual platform and new corresponding campaign in Spring 2023. The intent of which was to show the true majesty of the Parks Canada offering, and inspire people to write their own incredible stories within the majesty of our Canadian landscape.