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In 2010, we opened our doors as an independent agency dead set on offering our clients more than the industry standard of awards and fluff. We’ve made it our mission to question everything and dream up showstopping creative solutions in the name of growth.

Rain is exactly what brands need to grow. To compete. To climb to the top of an ever-changing marketing landscape.

Here’s how we do it.

1. Make no assumptions.
Other agencies may make assumptions. But we make discoveries — right from the start, we put our proprietary diagnostic tool Brand Root Tracking to use to discover the challenges your brand is facing.

2. Establish a fertile brand strategy.
You can’t land on a solution until you identify the problem. Once we do, we’ll work together to build a Growth Opportunities Roadmap to overcome them.

3. Customize the right creative solutions.
Your growth opportunities will be unique. Which means the creative — and the team — needs to be unique too. Whether it’s revisiting your product strategy, brand identity, awareness, you name it. We’ll put together the right team of experts to take it on.

4. Track progress, and keep going.
The work isn’t done once it’s out in the world. We continue to track and monitor progress to learn as we go. And use this data to identify new opportunities — that’s when the cycle starts all over again.