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Overcoming the “ick” and bringing insect protein to the masses.

Entomo Farms, North America’s largest organic cricket farm, has been a leader in the harvesting of crickets as an alternative and sustainable protein source. To date, Entomo has largely worked as a B2B operation, serving as the supplier for labels such as President’s Choice. However, as word spread about how healthy and sustainable bug-based foods are, we collectively saw an opportunity to grow the business into B2C products for curious eaters.

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However, many Canadians weren’t sold yet. Insects were pests. Not food.

Actually Foods cheese puffs bag and on display in a bowl on the counter
Actually Food puffs spinning

Rain was tasked with developing the concept for this daring new B2C brand. We set out to find out what it would take to get mass shoppers in Canada past the initial “ick” and actually give cricket products a try. So we dove into research and learned that interest in trying insect ingredients increased significantly when made available in a familiar format. Which led us to developing a new snack brand, featuring familiar and delicious family favourites such as chips, puffs, and cookies. We named the brand “Actually Foods,” as a reflection of our ethos to cut through the clutter of better-for-you products, and embraced the wonderfully weird nature of the product in our approach to package design. These fantastic puffs are now available in all your favourite grocery stores across Canada.