Igniting a movement to help new moms break free from postpartum isolation.

Research indicates that 80% of women feel increasingly isolated after giving birth. In response to this, and in partnership with our CYBEX Canada clients, we developed the “Hot Mom Walk” movement — aiming to empower and connect new moms in their journey towards postpartum wellness. Inspired by the popular TikTok trend “Hot Girl Walk” that emerged during the pandemic, this movement also encourages moms to get out and walk as a means to prioritize mental health, and reclaim their well-being.

With “Hot Mom Walk,” we are not only building upon the benefits of taking a simple stroll, but also reshaping the narrative around motherhood and self-care. The term “hot” is reclaimed to signify a state of mind rather than conforming to traditional standards of beauty.

Let’s reshape the narrative around motherhood, self-care, and the term “hot.”

The “Hot Mom Walk” launch event, held in collaboration with West Coast Kids, was led by Roxy Earle, a body positivity influencer and a vocal advocate for self-love. The event saw an overwhelming response, quickly filling all available spaces. Following this success, CYBEX expanded the movement to Vancouver, NYC and Los Angeles.

In an effort to magnify the reach and impact of the movement for CYBEX Canada, we also developed an integrated campaign driving moms to a dedicated Spotify channel, featuring original podcast content as well as curated content spanning career, wellness, and mental health — all designed to accompany and empower mom while she walks.