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Introducing Canada’s oldest innovation in the fight against climate change.

As one of the Government of Canada’s agencies of record, Rain worked closely with the team at Environment and Climate Change Canada on a high profile campaign to promote a complicated and largely unknown conservation topic: nature-based solutions.

While most Canadians associate climate change solutions with high tech and advanced innovation, nature-based solutions are, in fact, the very opposite. It is actually a method of harnessing the earth’s natural assets and processes to mitigate climate change. And so many didn’t know that our own earth has the power to defend herself — with our help.

Many Canadians assume the battle against climate change relies on new technologies.

With this strategic concept as our north star, we devised a unique campaign that brought this tension between expectation and reality to life. The campaign covered TV, cinema, social media, online video, and digital media. The campaign is our first leg in a longer plan to help better educate Canadians on various climate change solutions.